Emma Caddick Wellbeing

Live with more Ease

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I bring the Yin to your Yang.

A soothing balm to your busy life –
remind your mind, body and spirit how it feels to be at peace.

Work with me

Whether you want to move your body, rewire your mind or level up your self care. I have your covered.

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As a busy mum of three, I know real life well being is not about being picture perfect – it’s about feeling good.

My Philosophy

I love to weave together the Ancient Wisdom from the East with the latest Science from the West. I believe that we have so much to learn and so much to be open to about our bodies cyclical natures.

Well-being is not to be saved for the weekend or the next holiday but a way of life.

Allow me to guide you to a sense of well-being and calm energy that harnesses your specific feminine rhythm.

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Emma Caddick Wellbeing

Founded in 2018 by Emma Caddick
Worcestershire, UK.

Please feel free to contact me for more information


07813 881621

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Weekly classes, Worcester, UK

All abilities welcome.

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Connect the Dots

The ultimate guide to being you at your BEST and taking GUILT FREE downtime.

Connect the dots of your health, wellbeing, hormones and lifestyle for complete personalised personal growth.

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