I find myself seeking out space.

Winter makes way for Spring.

The sun rises earlier and sets later, a spectacle of light.

The sky is blue and clear, it captures my attention and catches my breath. I turn my gaze upwards and sense a world opening up.

The light is changing in the house and charges the air with hope, possibility and freshness. I clear out drawers and piles of papers, sweep away cobwebs and open up windows. Physical space appearing in my wake.

On my mat I open my chest, lift my heart and lengthen my spine. I create the space I crave within my body.

I focus my attention and feel the opposite effect on my awareness. An opportunity to reflect and gain perspective.

The children are changing, growing and becoming more independent. There is space for me in longer periods. Space for us.

The garden calls me to make space, cut back, clear away. Spaces open and soon shoots will appear.

Space is rarely empty for long.

Soon the space will begin to be filled. Light will shine there and growth will occur.

New habits will form or old habits will resume and where there once was space will soon be overgrown and tangled. Tangled responsibilities, worries, distractions and clutter.

So I savour this space while I have it and all that it brings along with it.

Space. Clarity. Stillness. Wisdom. Choice. Power. Peace.

Published by Emma Caddick

Female Centered Living, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

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