Your Guide to the different Yoga Classes

Starting out in yoga can be daunting enough – pulling on leggings and preparing to do something you’ve never done before without having to navigate all the confusing names of classes!

Who knew there were so many types of yoga? You thought yoga was yoga, right?! Wrong.

Here’s your quick guide to what’s in a yoga class so that you know which one will be best for you.


Ok. So this is as it sounds. An introduction to yoga philosophy, breathing, the different poses and meditation. Teaches technique and physical alignment. You can do this class as many times are you like – taking a ‘beginners’ mindset is always useful.


Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word (Sanskrit is the traditional language of yoga – who knew you even had to learn a different language?) and means “to place in a special way”.

This means in a Vinyasa class that we will combine our breath and our movements (so we might ‘inhale to bend the knees and ‘exhale to step the up with the right foot’)to bring both mind and body together. There are certain poses that link together to form sequences or ‘flows’ in this style. This is a dynamic class for those who are familiar with the poses and techniques outlined in Beginners.

Goddess Yoga

This class celebrates everything divinely feminine. Open to all who identify as female it seeks to carve out a space to rest, recharge and regroup in a uniquely female way. We will focus on pelvic floor health, body image and empowerment through our yoga (a mixture of Vinyasa and Yin depending on how we feel!) and meditation practices. And play some kick ass tunes while we let it all hang out!

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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for pregnancy.

Learn to cope with the changes happening to your mind and body, develop strength and soften into intensity.

Currently available for one to one sessions.

Group sessions coming soon to Soul Sanctuary Studios.

Read more about the Poppy approach I use here :

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Postnatal Yoga

Yoga for post natal birth givers.

Building on from pregnancy yoga (although you don’t need to have attended any pregnancy classes) classes will focus on adjusting to and healing the physical body post birth and give the birth giver space to navigate the emotional transformation to parenthood – and all that that involves!

Currently available for one to one sessions.

Group sessions coming soon to Soul Sanctuary Studios.

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Yin Yoga

Yin takes it’s name in contrast to our usual ‘Yang’ practice (and lifestyle) and moves at a much slower pace.

Suitable for even complete beginners, this class takes it’s time over postures so that we begin to work into the connective tissues and fascia. Rather than strengthening muscles, this practice is about releasing tension and enjoying the stretch.

Poses are held for 3 – 5 minutes and are supported with cushions, props and blankets for max comfort.

Yoga Nidra

Nidra translates from Sanskrit as ‘sleep’.

This is a class of pure, unadulterated relaxation. You are guided into a deeply relaxed state on the edge of sleep to allow the mind and body to heal regenerate.

This class is currently taught online.

For more information listen to this short audio guide.

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So there you go. Now you know you’re Vinyasa Flow from your Yoga Nidra you’re all set to book a class!

There are plenty of on line and ‘in person’ options to choose from also look out for ‘Special’ Classes and Workshops…

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Female Centered Living, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

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