Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots UK combines all of my passions – teaching, learning, empowering, women’s well-being and my ability to not shy away from a tricky conversation!

My mission with @connectthedotsuk is to educate and empower everyone with a menstrual cycle to the untapped skill sets at their fingertips to maximise their energy, health and wellbeing.

We have been taught to believe our periods are just an inconvenience to be endured – but there are so many benefits and positives that we never get told!

When we ‘Connect the Dots’, by this I mean, understanding how our hormones and menstrual cycle impact all areas of our life, not just our periods and fertility. Most of us only really think about our cycle when it’s either not working for us, causing us physical pain or infertility or when we want it to work for us, e.g. tracking our ovulation for fertility reasons.


My pledge to my girls is that it ends here.

Let’s inform and empower the next generation. That’s where real equality lies.

Everything from our physical training ability, our presentation skills, our energy and productivity, our ability to sleep and the quality of our sleep, our appetite and cravings, our sex drive, organisational skills and even our urge to spend or save money is influenced by the cocktail of hormones in our bodies at any one time.

It’s such a fascinating area and it’s insane that we know so little.

  • Learn with me :
    • Hack your Hormones Online Workshop – how to live in alignment with your natural hormonal rhythms .
    • First Period Support – Online workshop for parents of young people, everything you need to know to feel confident supporting those first periods
  • Coming Soon :
    • Lunar Living for Post menopause – Tap into the cycle of the moon beyond your menstruating years
    • Cycle phase support – Packages of care for each phase of your cycle including yoga, meditations, nutrition and self care advice
    • Peri-Menopause Support – Understanding your symptoms and choices
  • Join the conversation over on social media Instagram and Facebook :
    • Sustainable Periods – what products are out there for a ‘greener’ period?
    • Period Poverty – Period products are not a luxury, real equality starts here
    • #howdidinotknowthis #periodpositive #cyclicliving #cycleawareness

Please join me and join the conversation. I’d love to hear any ideas you have on packages / support you would like to see.

If you would like to make a media enquiry or booking for yourself/ team/ event drop me a line below.

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