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Wednesdays 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm

The Peace Hall, Sinton Green, Worcester UK

Resume Weds 8th Sept ’21.

£10.00 single class
£40.00 six class block

Thursday Night Chill Club

8 pm – 9 pm
Online Meditation and Relaxation Session

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Beginner Meditation Course

Ever thought about meditating?

Maybe you’ve tried it on an app or on a video without success?

Come and learn the foundation skills needed for a personalised meditation practice and experience the benefits for yourself.

In Person
From 21st September 2021

Tuesdays 1 – 2 pm
The Fold, Bransford,

5 week Course £75.00

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Cycle Sensitive Living

I have lurched from Burnout to Burnout during my adult life. Swinging from over giving, over working and over committing to hiding from the world and feeling shame and guilt for resting.

It wasn’t until I began to connect up the dots between my hormones, energy, lifestyle and habits that things began to change.

When we begin to menstruate a second biological clock kicks in – our Infradian rhythm. Knowing about this and living in a way that is sensitive to our natural cycles of energy and rhythms is a


I want every woman (and man eventually) to know about this and every young woman too.

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‘Connect the Dots’
Female Centered Living
Next Online Workshop
Sat 25th Sept
1 – 3 pm

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Emma Caddick DipBSoM

Female Wellness & Living Teacher

Yoga & Meditation Classes in Worcestershire, UK.

Emma is a 200 hour Registered Trained Yoga Teacher and Professional Meditation Teacher qualified with The British School of Meditation.

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