My Meditation Story

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My meditation journey began in 2015. I was pregnant with my third child and swamped by the isolation of stay-at-home parenting. I regularly went along to a small group where we were taught to meditate and supported each other along the way. I grew to love meditation, mostly guided meditations so that I could pop in my earphones and fully immerse myself somewhere else, away from my responsibilities. This was to be an invaluable tool in soothing my growing anxiety about having three children. 

As the birth of my baby approached, I was meditating more and more each day. I on occasion had visualisations and heard insights. When in labour,  I was able to manage the pain of the contractions without pain relief as long as I was meditating – it was a beautiful experience. The birth was calm and I felt so empowered.  

Shortly after coming home from hospital, my dad fell ill and a few weeks later was diagnosed with a large tumour on his lung. That year all of my energy was focused on my young children, my parents and making sure everyone else was ok. Between appointments with my Dad, breastfeeds with the baby and the school run, I would squeeze in time to meditate, this helped keep me strong and grounded for everyone around me.  

As the year progressed it was clear that the vigorous treatment Dad was receiving was not working and in fact doing more harm than good. I cannot explain the terror and heartbreak of that time. Without meditation to turn to I just don’t know how I would have coped. In October of 2016 Dad passed away. 

Throughout 2017 I used mediation regularly to cope with my grief, I often did not have space to feel and cry during the day as I was busy caring for my family and my Mom. I knew I felt low but didn’t want to label it as depression as I knew its root cause and knew it needed feeling and healing. In May 2017 I began a journey with reiki and this was a profoundly healing experience and continues to be so today. 

I also came back to yoga in 2017 and found solace in the soothing moving meditation. This led to training to be a yoga teacher in late 2018 and establishing my yoga business. Although my qualification is in Power Yoga, my personal preference is in the slower end of yoga – Yin and Yoga Nidra both which are very meditative. Delivering meditations feels so natural to me, I love to write, and feel that in training to be a Meditation Teacher I am bringing all of my passions and skills together. 

I am so keen to share the skills of meditation with others so that they they too can manage their own mental and physical health. That is what prompted me to train professionally with The British School of Meditation and qualify as a Meditation Teacher.

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