Thanks so much for the Thursday Night Chill Club class last night, I really enjoyed it – haven’t felt that calm for a really long time. I’ll be there next week!


I can’t thank you enough Emma. I’ve struggled with sleep for a long time now. Falling asleep, waking up in the night for hours, tossing and turning. Last night, after Thursday night Chill Club was totally different. I just fell asleep. It was wonderful. I’ve felt great all day. I can’t wait until next week’s class!


Have been going to the Sinton Green yoga session for a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. Emma is really thoughtful and patient and we do have a few giggles! I find it’s a great way to finish the day….really notice the difference if I miss a session.


I’ve been attending Emma’s yoga class for the last few months and it’s been the perfect balance of yoga poses together with inspiration and the relaxing lovely wind downs at the end of each class.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, Emma makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable and it has become an important part of my life. Thank you so much Emma.


This is no ordinary yoga. Prepare to be calmed & grounded, these classes are as much about emotional well-being as they are movement (if not more). I encourage anyone to try it, you might just find that it is exactly what you needed, even if you don’t realise you need it. I have been going regularly since March the 1st & it has become an essential part of my week (actually, life). Emma is more than a teacher, more like a guide or guru in disguise (although she won’t like me saying that). Try it, you won’t regret.


Lovely class … Emma is a great teacher.


Emma is a fantastic teacher and so engaging. I have done yoga before but nothing like Emma’s classes. She makes you feel so welcome and encourages you throughout the class. I always come away feeling energized and positive. I highly recommend!!


Such a great class, the perfect balance of releasing tension and stress and feeling like you’ve worked. Emma is so warm and kind in her approach that you’re put at ease as soon as you walk in and her class is brilliantly adaptable to all levels of ability/strength/flexibility. I always feel so relaxed after, my neck tension eased and headspace cleared. Great music too! Best class I’ve been to in a long time.


I love coming to this yoga session when I can. It leaves me feeling de stressed and calm. Emma is lovely and is genuinely amazing at what she does. I can go at my own pace in the session feeling comfortable with others there x


I always enjoy my practice with Emma and come away feeling empowered and relaxed. Emma has a thoughtful and sensitive approach to her method of teaching.

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