“Love this class! Leave feeling very mellow and chilled. Emma is lovely and allows you to work at your own level. Highly recommend! ”


I am an older classmate and I feel much better after each class” .


Tonight’s yoga was simply perfect, I normally enjoy the sheer blissfulness of your classes but today was different. Today was invigorating and energising, embracing and empowering. I found the courage to try two, really difficult yoga moves that I had never attempted before and although it really wasn’t pretty I attempted it with courage that I simply wouldn’t have had before a year on your mats…your yoga has been one of the things that has enabled the mind growth and confidence…so thank you!”


Emma’s style is lovely, clear and very approachable. I LOVE her sessions and want more please. Very very helpful for stretching, relaxation and focus. Thanks SO much.”


Thank you Emma. That was such a fantastic read. Everything that you’ve said about sleep rings so true. The troubles falling asleep, staying asleep and getting back to sleep. Wonderful journaling ideas too. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to read.


Emma’s ‘Live in the Flow’ Workshop is a game changer! It’s transformed the way I plan my time and taken the guilt away from rest – would highly recommend!

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