Self Directed Programs

Prescription Self Care

A month long, self paced, guided self care journey.

Have you lost connection to yourself amidst the business of your life?

Do you set out at the start of each week or term with the best of intentions to put yourself higher up the list only to make it to Wednesday feeling ground down, tired and resentful?

Do you live for the next weekend? Holiday? Spa Day?

Then let me guide you gently back to yourself.
You see, real self care is about Connection.
Connecting to the micro moments in our lives on a daily basis. Connecting to what makes you feel the most whole, the most supported and the most nourished.

When we are burnt out or low it is usually because a part of ourselves that has been neglected, this might be our physical health if we are burnt out, it might be to our mental health if we suffering from anxiety or it might be connecting to our deeper selves our feelings, thoughts and desires. Through self care we can either address the superficial wounds, get a good night’s sleep, a manicure or a gorgeous bubble bath but through regular journaling, meditation and yoga you will be able to care and nurture yourself at a much deeper level. To tend to

Take this month to get to know yourself more deeply, to understand what you need to be at your best and how to give yourself just that in the middle of a busy week / month / life without having to fork out on a spa weekend – although, they are nice.

Everything you need will be emailed to you at the start of the week, so that you can access all of the meditations, yoga nidras and yoga practices. The beautiful workbook is packed full of wisdom and inspiring journal prompts to spark ideas and healing.

You don’t need to have any experience in yoga, meditation or journaling to benefit from this package.

Each week includes:

  • A Guided Yoga / Meditation Practice – Online
  • Weekly Morning meditation MP4
  • Weekly Evening meditation MP4
  • Beautiful Printable Weekly Workbook

Each week follows a different path to self connection :

  • Week One : Morning Connection
  • Week Two : Self Connection
  • Week Three : Evening Connection
  • Week Four : Everyday Connection

£50.00 Lifetime Access

“Exceptional Quality Yoga Classes, Meditations and Workbooks”

“It gave me a weekly guidance and really helped me focus on specific areas of self care and I learnt so much from Emma’s knowledge about all sorts of subjects…”.

“Yes, I definitely would recommend it to other friends who are struggling to find focus.”

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