Connect the Dots – menstrual cycle tracking

Why should I track my period/ menstrual cycle?

When you track your period with an app or on paper you have a record of when your bleed is due, helping you to plan for your period.

But did you know there are so many other golden ‘nuggets’ of information contained in this data?

Information that when known and used allow you to live your life with more sensitivity and compassion to your menstruating body.

This is what I like to call a ‘Connect the Dots’ lifestyle.

A Connect the Dots lifestyle means seeing the patterns between our hormonal landscape and what’s happening in our life.

Our abilities, energy, outlook and mood shift dramatically throughout the month – brain chemistry changes by 25%!

This brings amazing upswings in skills like problem solving, creativity, planning and communication – wouldn’t it be great to work with these skills when they are at their peak?

Our hormonal landscape may also nudge us to want to be alone, to avoid social contact, to eat more and to rest.

Imagine how your life would change if you no longer felt guilty for listening to what your body needed? Resting, eating, cancelling with no shame. Wow.

When we Connect the Dots we simplify and clarify all areas of our lives, because we finally listen to what WE need rather than what we ‘should’ be doing.

We have an internal timetable and schedule that we can work with rather than against.

Knowing our body and basing our decisions about food, exercise, work, rest and play on where we are at in our own menstrual cycle will mean working with yourself rather than against yourself.

Understanding yourself and showing yourself some kindness and compassion. Instead of shaming and pushing yourself to do things that are out of sync with your natural energy.

“Living in alignment with our cycle is the next frontier  for women’s health.”  

– Aviva Romm. 

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I have lurched from Burnout to Burnout during my adult life. Swinging from over giving, over working and over committing to hiding from the world and feeling shame and guilt for resting.

Female centered living changed all that for me. It is A GAME CHANGER.

You have an untapped way to manage your energy. So many of us are still in the linear way of life, of managing time rather than energy. Being in constant commitment and production mode – being ON. If we continue with this when we are low on energy our energy reserves are quickly used up pushing us to rely on adrenaline to get us through the day, leading to Stress, Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout. You literally burn your body and mind out.

Sound Familiar?

Female Centred Living is a ‘Zoom Out’ way of living. So that rather than focusing on the 24 hours of each day you ‘zoom out’ to consider the whole month. I cannot tell you how this relieves pressure to achieve and also guilt around resting.

Imagine taking your to do list and scattering it across the month. So that rather than forcing yourself to do the same things day in day out or pushing yourself on days when you just haven’t got it in you will know when to max out on creation, on action on connection and communication and when to pull back, focus inward, recharge and tick off some quiet admin jobs.

Getting to know the whole of your 28 day cycle (not just the bit around your period)- is your secret weapon.

If you have any element of control over your schedule there are simple practical hacks that will support your natural energy, productivity and rest. You will go from fighting yourself and wishing you had more time each day to relaxing into your own personal rhythms, trusting your capacity to do and to rest and feel more at ease knowing that there is a time for everything.

Learn to attune to your own Infradian Rhythm – your second Biological Clock as a way of managing your energy rather than your time.

Your 28 day cycle- is your secret weapon when it comes to boosting energy, creativity, productivity and overall wellbeing.  

Join me to explore how hormones, lifestyle, psychology and energy affect how easily we work with or fight against ourselves in all areas of our lives.  

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • How female hormones are our greatest untapped resource. 
  • What female centered living looks like in reality. 
  • How to transition through the phases of the month (and life!) with more ease. 
  • How to really nurture your unique needs at different times of life through bespoke Self Care and Lifestyle Medicine tips. 
  • How to incorporate your own ‘Infradian’ Rhythm to transform your work productivity patterns. 

“A simple act of revolution is to learn about your body, to get to know the terrain of your cycle, and to take charge of your own health.” 

Maisie Hill  

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